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marketing advertising web sites corporate identity
marketing advertising web sites corporate identity
CrossWorld Communications site contains extensive material on business topics, primarily creating opportunities and effective market presence, online and offline.

Here you'll also find samples of our work as a marketing and marketing communications firm (founded in 1982.) Our extensive credentials and track record include substantive expertise in:

  • Marketing strategies and plans
  • Sales
  • Business development
  • Corporate identity
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Technology
  • Read in re@MIND Online Newsmagazine about business problems and solutions, and case studies. These articles include software and hardware reviews, real estate development, building and construction, transportation, and numerous other subjects.

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    Cabazon Indians home page
    Cabazon Band of Mission Indians
    The Cabazon tribe near Palm Springs in Southern California has evolved into a dynamic enterprise employing over 600 people. The Tribe operates Fantasy Springs Casino, the largest Indian gaming facility in California. The Casino also features Las Vegas style shows and televised ShowTime, USA, Pay–Per–View championship boxing events.

    1997 International Trucking Show
    International Trucking Show
    The International Trucking Show is the premier trade and media event of the trucking industry. Major truck manufacturers, such as Ford, General Motors, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner have been exhibiting each year at the show since its inception in 1961. Likewise, major trailer manufacturers, parts suppliers, industry service organizations, and the trade media have been a part of this show.

    Slixx Decals nascar racing website
    Slixx Decals-Nascar Racing
    Slixx Decals is a rapidly growing publisher of licensed decals for scale-model Nascar racing cars. Its website features several hundred decal sets for popular race cars. Slixx posts each new decal set as soon as it completes the design. Crossworld Communications has created the site's new user interface and completely restructured the navigational system.

    Also review Strategies and the Art of Seeing the Invisible, a reference book full of unique tips on creating and implementing successful business plans and strategies. It includes a rich inventory of how-to ideas, worksheets, and real life examples on business development, promotions, advertising, public relations, presence management, corporate identity, visual communications, time to market issues, and other marketing fun stuff. We'll also provide a limited number of free segments full of valuable tips from this publication.

    To request your free segments please see How to Get Your Free Tips.

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    Public Relations Internet Services Corporate Identity

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