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From Sand to Supertechnology
Extending For Global Reach Through Internet


Cabazon Band of Mission Indians home page imageCabazon Band of Mission Indians made history in 1987 when the US Supreme Court ruled in the Tribe's favor to continue its gaming operations on its reservation near Palm Springs. Since then Indian gaming experienced explosive growth in the United States.

Subsequently, the Cabazon tribe evolved into a dynamic enterprise employing over 600 people. The Cabazon Indians operate Fantasy Springs Casino, the largest Indian gaming facility in California. The Casino also features Las Vegas style shows and televised ShowTime, USA, Pay-Per-View championship boxing events.

The Tribe's holdings include a 1000-home Indian Sands residential development, the first American Resource Recovery Park, and the Colmac plant, a biomass fuel electrical power generating station. The Tribe has also earmarked substantial acreage for developing commercial and industrial facilities. Fantasy Spring Casino


Already a regional economic power the Cabazon Tribe plans to grow by attracting more businesses to the reservation and building facilities that would turn the reservation into an attractive visitor destination anchored by its Fantasy Springs Casino and Entertainment Complex.


With the emergence of the Internet the Tribe's management saw it as an effective business tool for communicating its vision to a global audience. The Cabazon worldwide website will become a crucial part of the Tribe's business plan.

Likewise, the Tribe wants the site to become an extensive resource for scholars interested in Native American culture and history. To keep the Tribe's constituents current the site features an online magazine and a media center.


After evaluating 14 proposals Kevin Curtis, a member of the Tribal staff, awarded the website creation and consulting contract to Tayfun Amur with Crossworld Communications. Mr. Curtis said "Tayfun Amur's proven expertise in creating professional content, his elegant design style, and his grasp of issues that concern the Cabazon business enterprise were the key reasons for selecting him."

His previous clients include global companies, such as Airbus Industrie, General Dynamics, Interpower, City of Los Angeles, Continental Cablevision, and several governments.

CrossWorld has been in operation since 1982. Its primary business areas include web site design, multimedia, public relations, advertising, corporate identity, and editorial content.

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Public Relations Internet Services Corporate Identity

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