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Virtual Trade Show On the Internet
The largest trucking event goes online


Trucking Show home pageThe International Trucking Show is the premier trade and media event of the trucking industry. Major truck manufacturers, such as Ford, General Motors, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner have been exhibiting each year at the show since its inception in 1961. Likewise, major trailer manufacturers, parts suppliers, industry service organizations, and the trade media have been a part of this show.

As a key industry event, the show attracts over 700 exhibitors, over 30,000 attendees, and takes place at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. California Trucking Association, one of the largest trucking industry trade groups, sponsors the show.


The improving U.S. economy, the fast pace of changing technology, and the raised market expectations have put the trucking industry in a fluid state. Consequently, the manufacturers and service providers find themselves under increasing pressure to find better ways to make buyers aware of the constantly changing products and services.


Trade shows are great for this purpose. And the International Trucking Show does an excellent job bringing together the essential elements of the industry, the manufacturers, service providers, buyers, and the trade media.

ITS Management, Inc. (Foster City, Calif.), the show's producer, has taken the next logical step by initiating an Internet worldwide web site for the show. This site will become a year-round online resource for the industry with hyperlinks to the exhibitors, media and relevant trade groups.


To create the site the show's producer contracted with Tayfun Amur with Crossworld Communications who has a proven expertise in providing professional content. Also, his technical knowledge of software engineering, trucking, and the complex inner works of the Internet was a strategic asset.

His previous clients include global companies, such as Airbus Industrie, General Dynamics, Interpower, City of Los Angeles, Continental Cablevision, and several governments.

CrossWorld has been in operation since 1982. Its primary business areas include web site design, multimedia, public relations, advertising, corporate identity, and editorial content.

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