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Our credentials . . .
Since 1982 over 400 publications and broadcast media quoted or published our professional work. Our well-refined media expertise will put teeth to your message, as well.

California Business Hotel & Motel Management
Los Angeles Times
PC Graphics & Video
Orange County Register
Land Line Magazine
Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine
The Trucker Magazine
Overdrive Magazine McGraw-Hill

. . . and more!

Consider only this. Where do most of what you read in the papers and magazines and most of what you see on television come from? From the newsmakers themselves. . .How? As news releases, press conferences, media alerts, photo opportunities and numerous other existing and yet-to-be-discovered publicity mechanisms.

The symbiotic relationship between the media, the public, and those who seek publicity is documented well. It's a perfect arrangement. Publicity seekers need word of mouth and their name out in front of their constituent publics. This establishes credibility and engineers favorable perceptions. On the other hand, the pre-processed news and information is the media's lifeline. Likewise, the public needs to see things in writing to feel comfortable about them and before it buys into them. Perfect . . .

So, where do you fit in this picture? Especially, when views competing with yours rise above your silence and find their way into your publics' eyes and ears . . .then, into their heads.

We can help. Since 1982 our professional work has been published and quoted by over 400 print, broadcast, and online media. Also, we often consult with the media and provide editorial content, and background information for news, articles, and TV documentaries.

Please email us for more information on our credentials.

We offer . . .
-Global PR campaigns
-Media events
-Online publicity
-Corporate identity
-Media kits
-Online magazines
-Press conferences
-News releases
-Issue management
-Editorial assistance
-Internet presence
-Crisis management
-Spokesperson services
-Investor relations
-PR planning
-Ghost writing
-Publicity tours
-Collateral material
-Trade show support
-Photo opportunities
-Speech writing

Successful PR work results from creative approach, meticulous planning, and flawless execution. Our firm has staged numerous successful PR programs that exceeded their expectations. We're ready to contribute to your success too. Please email us for more information.

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