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PC Graphics & Video Magazine software reviews advertising marketing public relations corporate identity Software and Graphics
Pick & Click 3D
Jazzing up with 3D.
Take a look at five graphics packages and other resources that will bring your images to life.
(From PC Graphics & Video Magazine)
PC Graphics & Video Magazine Add a human touch Add human touch to your images
How to add interest to your "perfect" drawings?
This software helps you take out the manufactured look from your line drawings.
(From PC Graphics & Video Magazine)

California Business Magazine Cellular transmission antenna are everywhere Technology
Take-Out Computing
Wireless communication provides a desktop anytime, anywhere. How will this change the way you do business?
(From California Business Magazine)
Humvee, advanced battle field vehicle Air On the Run
How a New System Extends Tire Life, Gets Better Fuel Economy, and Improves Driving Safety
(From Transportation Technology News)

Fantasy Springs Casino
The new Harbor Corridor
Travel, Destinations, Gaming
Native Americans Bet the Farm on Gaming
Do Native Americans have what it takes to create thriving gaming and resort destinations?..Sort of... only if the states leave them alone.
(From Hotel & Motel Management magazine)

Orange County Rises from Ashes
Disney lights up the fuse to Orange County's explosive growth.Two or three years down the road this place will transform itself into a meeting planner's paradise.
(From Hotel & Motel Management magazine)

How to project
your capabilities into
the global realm

How to pick your web contractor
Guide to building websites that work.
What set of skills should you look for when you're shopping for your web contractor. This article explains what it takes to build successful websites.
Cabazon Band of Mission Indians From Sand to Supertechnology
Cabazon Band of Mission Indians made history in 1987 by winning a U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed them Las Vegas style gaming on their reservation near Palm Springs, California. Now, they are turning to Internet technology for another miracle in the desert.
International Trucking Show
Virtual Trade Show on the Internet
America's largest trucking show goes online. Roger Sherrard with ITS Management, the show's producer, wants a resource that will serve the trucking industry year-round. California Trucking Association sponsors the show.
Slixx Decals nascar racing website Slixx Decals--Modeler's Delight
Slixx Decals is a rapidly growing publisher of licensed decals for scale-model Nascar racing cars. Its website features several hundred decal sets for popular race cars. Slixx posts each new decal set as soon as it completes the design. Crossworld Communications has created the site's new user interface and completely restructured the navigational system.
Good Times Tours & Charters Catch a Cruise On the Net
Good Times Tours & Charters, Fountain Valley, California offers a rich selection of tour packages to many parts of the United States as well as overseas. The attention to individual customer comfort and creative selection of travel venues established the company as a top-notch tour operator.

Marketing strategies
How to Sharpen Your Marketing Skills
Free marketing tips and
checklist for successful marketing

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