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Slixx Scale Model Race Car Decals
Modeler's Delight


Slixx Decals nascar racing Slixx Decals is the largest manufacturer of decals for scale model race cars. It manufactures decals under licence from major Nascar racing teams, such as Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, and Mark Martin.

Opportunity and Solution

Slixx offers several hundred decals and nearly one thousand aftermarket accessories.The decal market is driven by winning teams. Therefore, decals for winning cars must be published quickly in a highly competitive market environment.

Slixx’s Decals’ website allows the company to put online previews of decal sets scheduled for release and starts taking orders immediately.

Given the breath of what Slixx offers it needs a site that provides an efficient navigational system and a positive user experience. Slixx website visitors have received the website's makeover with great enthusiasm. The traffic at the site increased four-fold since the new website went live.


Crossworld Communications acts as the new site's webmaster and handles all of the maintenance. Additionally, Crossworld provides marketing and publicity support for Slixx's online and offline operations.

Crossworld's clients include global companies, such as Airbus Industrie, General Dynamics, Interpower, City of LA, Continental Cablevision, major trade shows, and several governments.

CrossWorld has been in operation since 1982. Its primary business areas include web site design, multimedia, public relations, advertising, corporate identity, and editorial content.

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Public Relations Internet Services Corporate Identity

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