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The following excerpt is from Strategies and the Art of Seeing the Invisible, a valuable reference that will provoke your thoughts and act as a springboard to catapult you to the highest levels of marketing thinking. You will read about approaches distilled from the author's personal experiences gained in tough hand-to-hand combat in the American and international marketplace.
If you're thinking about moving toward the business end of things at your work this will do an excellent job preparing you for it. Or if you're starting your own business, you should really read this book--remember, marketing is the name of the game. If you are already in marketing it'll give you fresh new ideas from the viewpoint of multiple disciplines.
In a 'just-the-facts-ma'm' fashion the book has over 40 segments full of numerous tips designed for your rapid absorption. To get your free tips see HOW TO GET YOUR FREE TIPS after the following excerpt.

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Internet Services Public Relations Corporate Identity


An enterprise is the embodiment of Creation and Presentation. In this framework, Creation includes an enterprise's product or service, plus the Creation skills that facilitate the creation process itself. Presentation means enterprise's expressive effort to showcase its creations, and communicate its skills and capabilities to its marketplace to stamp its signature.

In healthy enterprises, Creation and Presentation stay in sync. When this fails, businesses slide toward indistinction and eventually toward extinction. So, an enterprise's number one priority is to survive; and then be profitable by maintaining this balance.

The key to understanding marketing's role in an enterprise is to understand its linkage to the enterprise's survivability and profitability. The control of the marketplace and the competitors gives the only assurance for survivability and profitability for an enterprise. Experience shows, marketing is the most effective vehicle to establish this control.

Therefore, marketing serves within the Creation and Presentation superstructure, primarily as a defense mechanism to assure survival, and beyond survival, profitability. In essence, marketing and the tools it provides, preserves the integrity of your enterprise. Throughout this workbook I will highlight the primary marketing tools and their appropriate use when implementing marketing strategies. In its critical role, marketing dictates the direction and focus for Creation, and sets the tone as well as direction for Presentation.

Surely, business development and marketing strategy objectives may go much further than the basic requirements of survival and profitability; a well designed, executed business development and marketing strategy will take an enterprise to new and exhilarating heights.

However, for any business development and marketing strategy to work, several elements must be present. First, the plan must be realistic, and compatible with the enterprise's personality and its resources. Effective marketing efforts depend on enterprise–wide support. So, everyone in the enterprise must commit to it totally. It must be an ongoing effort. And last, it must be consistent.

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Start by asking questions

As a prelude to designing and implementing a successful business development and marketing strategy, find out where you are today.

Look at yourself, your clients, and your enterprise:

These questions help you think through your overall strategy. They also help you think through each essential element of the business development and marketing plan.

A working marketing plan means protection for your investment, freedom of choice, better profits, a pleasant work environment, and higher level of maturity. All of what I've described comply with the personality of many different types of enterprises, help establish culture and signature; and will affect your business positively.

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This workbook comes in over 40 segments full of valuable tips; please see the current segment titles below. Each segment contains narratives similar to the excerpt here. You can order two ways: by segments or the whole book. To order single or multiple segments simply indicate the segment numbers.
NOTE: To help offset the handling costs there is a nominal handling fee of $1.95 per segment. We will Email the segments to you. For hard copies send another dollar per segment to cover postage and handling. Please do not send cash.

We will also give you a free additional segment that lists the top 15 most useful marketing resources you should know.
To order the complete workbook just send $19.95 plus $4.95 S/H.
Please make your payments (in US dollars) payable to CORSYS and mail to:
P.O. Box 5155
Garden Grove, CA 92645

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Internet Services Public Relations Corporate Identity


1. The Enterprise and marketing
2. Strategies—How to create them
3. Enterprise clusters and ecosystems
4. Traits, beliefs, biases, and needs
5. Motivators–Needs systems
6. Demotivators—Negative market influences
7. Incentives–based marketing and uncertainty
8. Persuasion, credibility, and the messenger
9. Promotions-Creating opportunities
10. Hallmarks of successful promotions
11. Structuring marketing programs
12. The mission
13. Setting your objectives
14. Mapping & targeting your market
15. Market trends–Role & relevance
16. Buying patterns–Control & influence
17. The multidimensional message
18. The multidimensional message structure
19. Use action words
20. The successful communications piece
21. Premiums & incentives
22. Budgeting-Incremental costs
23. Staging and delivery-Communication plan
24. Event–based promotions
25. Media–based promotions
26. Scheduling-timing strategy
27. Scheduling-setting the exposure intensity
28. How to orgainze your resources
29. How to promote your promotions
30. Monitoring and measuring
31. What's fulfillment
32. It’s a wrap—or is it?
33. How to evaluate your promotions
34. How to prepare for your next promotion
35. Check list for promotions
36. What to avoid in promotions?
37. What are cardinal marketing sins?
38. Legal framework for marketing programs
39. The Anatomy of Manipulation
40. Parting Shots—Lessons learned
41. What’s your marketing IQ?
42. Program Design Worksheet
43. Resources you should have on your finger tips
44. How to profile an enterprise (yours, competitors, etc.)

How to get these valuable tips?

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Public Relations Internet Services Corporate Identity

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